Plaques for the fight finals

plaques for the finals
We are preparing for our annual fight tournament and I have just picked up the plaques for the finals to give out to the winners of each of the categories.
All the boys at the centre have worked really hard this year to get into the kind of fight shape that will make for a very exciting tournament and brilliant spectator event. Its all ready and booked and we are super keen to give a good account for the club and everything we have all worked so hard to build over the past year and beyond.
With so many weight divisions and age groups we have four rings in the centre or it would end up being a weekend event! It will start at about 9am and I expect to finish around 6pm so we can all go onto the party which we are hosting at a local pub.

Winning one of the plaques means so much

For everyone at the club winning one of the plaques is the ultimate achievement for all concerned and they are always hotly contested to the very end. It fills me with so much pride to see it mean so much to everyone at the club and seeing the parents filled with joys reward enough for all the hours we put in with each of them.
As well as all the different weight divisions we have ages to contend with too and so all in all its a very large logistical nightmare that takes months of careful planning and consideration.
All the banter around the gym of late is great so the organisation is not so much of a chore. Seeing everyone and hearing all the fun they are having with it is why I set up in the first place and its great to see all that hard work, determination and drive being shown in the youngsters that come through the doors.

The local guys that do the plaques are great

We have been fortunate to form many great commercial links in the business community and the company that do all our plaques and trophies are just one in a long line of local businesses that go out of their way to help us out and ensure we can keep the place running.
We have loads of success stories surrounding the gym and its a plain fact that without this local support and help it simply would not be possible to achieve what we have.
Many of these supporters are some of the boys biggest fans now and follow their boxing like a religion. We have sponsors that pay decent money into the kitty so that our talent can go out there and do what they do over a wide area and without this help getting the boys to tournament etc would be impossible.
Yet again this year I have been humbled by the support and generosity of this band of business and the company that do our plaques and sigs are just one in a long list of people that make it happen for us all the time.